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MyCity Social is an online reputation management agency that takes a holistic approach to building, managing, and maintaining your online business reputation. We also help businesses fix negative online reputation and perception. With us, you can create a positive brand image to attract more customers and business opportunities and boost your brand value.

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While the online market has an opportunity for immense growth, you expose your brand to risks like misinformation and the leaking of personal details. We use our company reputation management services to protect your firm’s online reputation. This makes sure that the search engine can find you with the good stuff. We give you control over your online footprint and promote positive material about your company, products, and services to boost your brand.

Why You Need Online Reputation Management In 2022

Two stars on Google or Yelp deters 86% of potential customers from buying your offerings. A good reputation is vital for your brand’s success. While searching for your product/service online if anything negative shows up, you lose a prospect to your competitor. Our management software searches through millions of web pages for your brand mentions and search results. We work with you to replace the negatives with the positives. We buffer you from fake reviews and negative comments through various strategies. Our corporate reputation management is customized to your goals and brand. We can get you more reviews on Google to boost your reputation.

How Our Business Reputation Management Helps

Whether you are a start-up, medium-sized business, or among the Fortune 500 companies, a great reputation management firm is an asset. In business, there is a lot you can do to prevent customer dissatisfaction. Stay on top of your brand image by letting our highly experienced reputation experts take the online uncertainty and frustrations off your shoulders. Our strategies include:

Online Reputation Repair

Have one of those lousy search results on Google? We can repair a damaged reputation for individuals and businesses and remove unflattering content. We research to establish the source, fix the bad content, and mitigate the possibility of this happening again. We can contact the publisher directly or request Google to take the offensive or false information down. Afterward, we work on rebuilding and maintaining your brand image.

Review Monitoring

Being on the lookout for your reviews can be challenging. Our dedicated team has the tools and technology needed to constantly monitor your positive and negative reviews. Our software goes through major review sites to keep you in the know! We also help you generate reviews through automated systems to promote new and positive reviews. Don’t underestimate one review, as it can boost your sales by a whopping 9%!

SEO Reputation Management

Our online brand reputation management utilizes various SEO tools to foster desirable content about your brand. We also limit the content accessible to the public domain to let you tailor your position in your industry for complete control. Since these SEO methods need a high level of expertise for optimum results, we offer end-to-end online marketing efforts from on-page SEO optimization and GMB optimization and management to online reputation management.


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MyCity Social is an online reputation management agency that has helped companies drive business growth through their reputation. We offer customized reputation marketing services that speak to your market standing, needs, and specifications. Our team uses smart approaches and effective management tools for the best possible results.





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